Hi beauts, I wanted to use this space to introduce myself and give you a bit about my background and what inspired me to create the brand, Kitaka of London. After seven great years as a fashion stylist I could feel my passion for the industry beginning to fade and suddenly got an urge for a career change. I didn’t know what that change would be, but I knew I wanted to begin something new and a project I could express my creativity.

At the time, what was suppose to be a 'vegan challenge' for 21 days turned into three years which to anyone who has ever done a major lifestyle (even for a short period of time) change will know it comes with a lot of research and scanning an ingredients lists before it enters the basket. Not only was I checking out the ingredients on my food item but also the ingredients in my own beauty products. It was the first time I realised I couldn’t didn't really understand half of the ingredients in my make-up collection and it all just looked like a game of scrabble. This lead to me researching the makeup of make up and was surprised by how many harmful and toxic ingredients were added to cosmetics for people to use.

An idea came to me... What if I could create a gorgeous lipwear brand which was dominantly formulated with natural and organic ingredients that women everywhere loved to purchase and even more so loved to wear? A brand which focused on high performing, effective lip products, alongside recyclable packaging, and a space which empowered and encouraged women to enhance their natural beauty, ethically. Kitaka of London was born...
- Patrice Monique