Hello beauts,

I wanted to use this space to  introduce myself and give you a bit about my background and why I created Kitaka  of London.
After seven great years as a fashion  stylist I suddenly got an urge for a career change. I didn’t   know what that change would be, but I knew I wanted to begin something new.

At this time, I had been eating vegan  for three years, which to   anyone  who has ever switched up their eating habits will know comes with a lot of turning over the products and scanning the ingredients lists before it enters the basket. I found through this new lifestyle I wasn’t only looking at food ingredients but also ingredients in my own beauty products. It was the first time I realised I couldn’t read half of the ingredients in my make-up collection and it all just looked like a game of scrabble. After a little further research, I had an idea… 

I decided I would create something where beauty lovers would know exactly what they were applying to their skin without confusion. A brand which focused on high performing lip products using natural and organic ingredients alongside recyclable packaging, and a space which empowered and encouraged women to enhance their natural beauty, ethically.
 - Patrice Monique, Founder