Lip Tips

With the rise in skin care education and rapid growth in learning our retinols from our retinoids, along with the importance of applying a vitamin C and using an SPF, we’d no doubt graduate from skin school with first-class honours. But how schooled are you on the taking care of the skin on our lips? Our lips show us loyalty every day and we work them hard when we talk, eat, smile, kiss…and it’s time to return the favour

A Lesson On Lips

The skin on our lips is much thinner than any other feature of our body leaving them exposed and unprotected to negative effects from the environment such as harsh weather conditions, pollution, UV rays etc. As a result of this they are often prone to cracking, chapping and sometimes infection all year round. Another aspect which adds to the vulnerability of lips is a lack of sebaceous glands. These glands are what protect and lubricate the skin. However, where our lips do not have any is another reason for us to take care of them. In fact, their most accessible moisturiser is your saliva leading them to dryness and chapping.

 Top tips for velvet-soft lips

Signs of a healthy pout are smoothness and hydration. So how can you ensure your lips are taken care of to achieve this look? Well the good news is, once you understand and apply various methods, restoring distressed lips can take time but is easily done.

Here are our top tips for velvet-soft lips...

 • Avoid licking your lips - As much as it provides instant relief, NEVER lick your lips. Once the saliva evaporates, it takes any last bit of moisture and the lips  immediately become dry. Furthermore, the enzymes in our saliva are too harsh for our delicate lips.

• Go H20 - Keep your lips hydrated by drinking lots of water, as much as your body and skin need their 8 glasses, so do your lips.

Healthy eating - Following a healthy diet is great for your hair, skin and nails, and you can now add lips to that list. Vitamins and nutrients play a huge part in achieving a pretty pout so be sure to up your intake of fruits, veg, seeds and nuts.

Remove makeup - Lips need to breathe; they do this best when they are free of any product. Make sure after coming in from a long day at work or a night out all traces of makeup are gently wiped away with a damp cotton pad or a muslin cloth.

• Exfoliate - Using a lip scrub 1-2 times a week will remove dry flaking and dead skin cells making sure your lips don’t surrender to infection. Avoid harsh scrubs with rough textures, remember this layer of skin is already vulnerable. Alternatively, you may just have the perfect lip scrub sitting in your kitchen right now. All you need is brown sugar, coconut oil and some honey or (agave) to help it stick, mix into a paste, then gently exfoliate your lips and wipe clean.

• Butter up before bed - While we’re asleep we can’t tell when our lips get dry and need some attention, the air around us also changes at night and we tend to lose moisture in our skin. Apply a heavy lip balm or a rich butter such as raw Shea butter to your lips before you sleep to give your lips that overnight protection.

Lip massage - Indulge in a 5-minute lip massage using nourishing oils such as avocado or coconut oil using a cotton bud. This improves blood circulation in your lips and naturally adds fullness.

Always apply a lip product before leaving the house – The good news is wearing lipsticks or gloss every day is beneficial. Since our lips have no natural protection wearing a lip gloss or lip stick gives your lips a layer to them. This layer protects your lips from dry air, sunlight and other outside factors.

• Be conscious
 - Become aware of what ingredients are in the products you buy. Look out for lip loving ingredients that will nourish and condition. Rich butters and botanical oils have many great properties which will hydrate and protect your lips helping them to become softer and smoother for longer. Our Natural Gloss lip gloss collection are formulated with organic raw Shea butter and organic botanical oils including meadowfoam and jojoba replacing moisture loss and locking it in giving you a healthy, polished pout.

• Ask for help - In some cases despite all the above your lips may still need help. If you have tried many of the tips shown and nothing has been no improvement it is time to seek professional advice and visit a doctor.